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Pneumatic Mesh Stretching Machine

The machine is used to make the stencil,it can stretch the polyester mesh on thescreen frames ,so the machine is a important equipments in making stencil process.

Made of hard material made, adjusted automatically and synchronously, and the pulling force is stable and even.

The stretching four beams can be moved freely according to the size of the frame, and it is easy to operate.

The length of the clamps is 100 to 150mm, equipped with rubber, protect the screen from damaging.

Equipped with four cylinders, ensures the stretching quality.

Imported bearing and convenient to operate.

One person can operate it easily.

Our machine to produce large or multiple screens in one stretching process. All types of mesh can be processed to produce screens with an accurate and uniform tension. The quality results exceed the highest needs in all industries, even the extremely precise demands of the electronic industry.

Min Screen drawing area: 500*500 mm.

Max screen drawing area: 1200*1500 mm /1600*1800 mm.

Max tension: >50N/cm.


Weight: 230 kg.