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Stretching machine

Our machine to produce large or multiple screens in one stretching process. All types of mesh can be processed to produce screens with an accurate and uniform tension. The quality results exceed the highest needs in all industries, even the extremely precise demands of the electronic industry.

It is possible to reach an equal and uniform tension over the entire mesh surface. This is created by tensioning on all four sides with clamps placed on a special linear guide, that are able to give way slightly.

All functions on this machine are driven by electric motors which can be switched to an accelerated mode for coarse adjustment to several frame sizes. Frames can be mounted parallel or at any angle to the warp and weft direction of the mesh.

Sizes with a tension area from 59” x 59” up to 165” x 354” are available. The stretching H28 stretcher has been upgraded. Even more precise tensioning results can be obtained thanks to the new clamps placed on a linear guide. The H28-5 enables you to obtain precise results for one or multiple frames at any angle, easily and effectively.

Tensioning area of 23.5” x 23.5” to 165” x 354” maximum outside frame size approximately 4-8% smaller than tensioning area.

Maximum frame height 3.1” .

Maximum mesh tension 35 N/cm.

Frame support with electro-mechanic liftup to the mesh allows angled tensioning as well as tensioning several frames simultaneously.

Motorized size adaptation from minimum to maximum frame size.

Tensioning rail on all four sides.

Movable clamps placed on a linear guiding rail ensure optimal equalization of mesh tension in all directions.

Clamps type 6M, 150 mm/right angle.

Clamps type 6M, 150 mm.

The machine complies to the present CE requirements.