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Screen printing mesh for glass print

Shanghai SPRING is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of Screen printing mesh for glass print in china.

Glass screen printing mesh is made by using ceramic frit to print graphics through a special screen onto float glass. Melt colorant into glass surface in a tempering furnaces and subsequently a silkscreen glass product with qualities of non-fading and multi-pattern is manufactured.

screen printing mesh for glass print

Screen printing mesh for glass print is according to the customer's screen pattern, give a good screen printing plate, glass melt block, glass decoration printing. Glass frit, also known as glass inks, glass, printing materials, it is made of coloring, adhesives, mixed with printed material paste. The coloring material is composed of inorganic pigments, low melt flux (lead glass powder) and the link material in the glass screen printing industry, commonly known as lanolin. Glass after printing, to put the stove in 520 ~ 600°c temperature firing, on the glass surface printing can be bonded to the glass frit form a colorful decorative pattern. You'll get better results if you use the other screen processing method and using it. For example, the use of glazing, carving, etching and other methods in the printing or printing before the glass surface processing, can be doubled to improve the printing effect.

Silk Screen Printing Glass On Flat Glass for Windows & Doors is divided into: high and low temperature screen printing, screen print procedures for different occasions, screen printing can be toughened glass processing.

screen printing mesh on glass

Screen Printing Glass Application:
Doors and windows, curtain wall, partition, elevator, showcase, furniture, fencing & railing, etc

glass printing mesh

Polyester screen printing mesh Applications:
Polyester screen printing mesh are being used for Screen Printing Glass jars, various substrates in various fields. Ink does not adhere to some kinds of substrates with other printing methods. Screen printing can be used on some of these substrates.
Commercial applications:
Posters, billboards, POP, displays, stickers, signs, flags
Daily necessaries:
Toys, stationery, sports goods, bags, T-shirts, cosmetic containers, toiletry containers, packages, wooden products, glass, ceramics.
Industrial applications:

Automobile meters, CDs, parts of electric appliances, membrane switches, liquid crystal display (LCD), automatic vendors, name plates, print circuit boards, thick ICS.


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