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32T-150T Polyester screen mesh for paper printing

Shanghai SPRING is Polyester screen mesh for paper printing manufacturer and Screen printing mesh in China.

screen printing mesh for paper

Screen mesh for Paper Printing: Art printing-advertising, illustrated, calendar, lantern paper. Trademark printing, transfer printing, packaging and printing, building materials printing-wallpaper paper.

Shanghai SPRING Mainly offer high quality and high precision polyester and polyamide bolting screen ranging from 32T-150T Polyester screen mesh for paper printing.

silk screen mesh for paper printing

Screen printing mesh for paper Characteristics:

- Faster tensioning without damage to the threads
- Improved fabric strength
- Faster tension stabilization
- Higher tension threshold and breaking point
- Less tension loss during the stretching process
- Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the pressroom
- Improved registration due to stable tension
- Faster Print speeds

Polyester screen mesh for paper printing

The largest width of the silk screen printing on paper reached 3.7 meters, the color of the screen printing with paper is yellow and white, each volume of screen printing in paper of 50 meters, this screen printing for paper packaging can be rolled or folding packaging, according to customer requirements and for customers to save the cost of freight packaging.

paper making polyester for screen printing fine mesh

Best mesh for screen printing on paper is widely used in printing and plate-making in electronic, textile, ceramics industry, also used for melting filtration in space flight, petroleum chemical and other high-tech fields. This product is the most advanced.


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Skype: springmesh

Twitter: springmesh