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Textile Screen Printing Mesh

Shanghai SPRING is Textile Screen Printing Mesh manufacturer and Printing On Mesh Fabric in China,specialized in the research,development and production of Mesh Printing.

Textile Screen Printing Mesh

Screen Printing Mesh For Textiles

Textile Screen Printing Mesh generally mainly dyes, especially in silk fabrics, the need for different fiber properties of the corresponding dyes.

Textile Screen Printing Screens process, prepress processing is very important, must undergo high-temperature steaming or baking for solid color, so that the combination of dyes and textile fiber to ensure color fastness. After fixing the color also washes, clears the printing slurry the carrier and does not have the solid dye, causes the color to be bright.

Textiles Hand Screen Printing

In addition, there are wire mesh, such as the round screen printing nickel mesh and circuit board with stainless steel screen. A lot of Textile Screen Printing Mesh specifications, the width of 105cm-370cm, Textile Screen Printing Screens from 80-500 mesh/inch, can be based on different uses, and substrate to choose from.

Textile Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing Textiles

Screen Textile Printing

Textile Screen Printing Mesh Application: According to the use of textiles can be divided into clothing textile printing, decorative textile printing, industrial textile printing. carpets, sofa sets, chairs, tapestry, stickers, such as hood, textile products, curtains, towels, tea towels, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, bedding, including bedspread, bed linen.

Screen Printing For Textiles

Our Silk Screen Printing On Textiles using domestic top-grade raw materials and imports of raw materials imported from Germany, woven from the German import loom, the Printing On Mesh Fabric surface uniformity, mesh accuracy, tension stability, in the screen printing process in the ink performance is good, wrinkle resistance, high abrasion resistance, can be applied to Textile Screen Printing Textiles.

Screen Printing For Textiles Specifications

53T (135mesh),72T (180mesh),77T (195mesh),90T (230mesh),110T (280mesh),140T (350mesh),165T (420mesh).

Width of the Screen Printing Fabric Mesh : 105cm - 370cm.

Textile Screen Printing