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Ms. Lee(Sales Manager) Ms. Lee(Sales Manager)

Shanghai SPRING is one of the professional Black Filter Mesh manufacturers and Filter Cloth Material suppliers in China.

Shanghai SPRING produce black Filter Cloth Material is made from chemical synthetic fiber polyester mesh yarn, with solvent resistance, high temperature, water resistance, chemical resistance, the advantages of greater external pressure, its physical performance is stable, stretching small.

In the production process through special treatment, with waterproof, corrosion, anti-static and other special effects of mesh yarn, to meet the special requirements of industrial environment.

Our products are in line with food safety grade, non-toxic and tasteless, excellent elasticity, high temperature resistance, strong alkali weak acid, corrosion resistance, good durability.

Polyester Mesh Filters

Polyester Mesh Filters Features:

1.Black polyester raw materials;

2. Uniform mesh, smooth mesh surface;

3. Reliable filtration accuracy;

4. High compressive strength;

5. High temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance;

6. Good abrasion resistance;

7. Good formability.

Filter Cloth Material

Our factory founded in 1983, there are more than 300 Swiss imported looms, research and development staff of 9 people, the company passed the IS9000 certification and related international certification book SGS,MSDS,FDA.

Black Filter Mesh

Fine Mesh Fabric Use:

Industrial Dust mesh: 150 mesh 160 mesh 180 Mesh 200 Head 250 mesh

Electronic dust mesh: 100 Mesh 120 Mesh 140 Mesh 160 Mesh 180 Mesh 200 Mesh 250 Mesh 300 Mesh 350 Mesh 400 Mesh 450 Mesh.

The Food Grade Filter Cloth is widely used in the dust-proof speaker mesh, mesh cover, electronic dust-proof, electronic accessories, handset accessories, mobile phone dust-proof.

Shanghai SPRING is Filter Cloth Manufacturers, produces black filter mesh is one of the ideal auxiliary materials for electronic experts, widely used in electronic audio. Mobile phone and all kinds of horn protection, dustproof and so on.

Black mesh filter Woven flat, color, mesh evenly, the specific width can be produced according to customer requirements, special specifications can be set.

Deep processing of Nylon Mesh Filter Screening:

1.We can also produce the Nylon filter screen mesh: eagerly mesh 1cm 2cm 3cm 4cm 5cm 6cm 7cm Precision High error small foreign cutting technology test High-tech supplies.

2. Fervent Nylon Mesh Filter wafer triangular oval square trapezoidal, and so on.

3.Nylon Sieve Cloth Characteristics: High strength, excellent quality, resistance to use, wear resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, good alkali resistance. Tension and stability of the mesh hole uniform high temperature corrosion-resistant, no loose edges.

Filter Mesh Material: Material polyester (DPP), nylon (JPP), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), pet filter net.

Mesh number : 20 mesh-460 mesh.

Filter Precision : 15um-1600um.

Common specifications: 100 Mesh 120 Mesh 140 Mesh 160 Mesh 180 Mesh 200 Mesh 250 Mesh 300 Mesh 350 Mesh 400 Mesh 450 Mesh.

Company Service

1. Product Advantages

High temperature and corrosion resistance good weaving precision zero defect

2. Spot

Delivery within 3 working days after receipt of payment

3. Provide free samples

Free Samples

Shanghai SPRING provides high-quality black dust mesh cloth, commonly used specifications are as follows: 180 mesh/250 mesh/300 mesh, such as the need for other specifications can be custom-made production.