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110 Mesh Polyester Screen Printing Mesh For Plastic

Used for plastic printing polyester mesh screen, high tension, small mesh distance, and excellent separation of the ink, can get high precision, high-quality printing effect. For plastic bottle printing, plastic packaging printing, plastic bag printing, plastic toy printing.

Better durability in screen life and stretchability :

- Faster tensioning without damage to the threads
- Improved fabric strength
- Faster tension stabilization
- Higher tension threshold and breaking point

- 8-16% stronger for increased performance life.
- Increased resistance to abrasion and harsh reclaiming chemicals.

110 Polyester Screen Printing Mesh For Plastic

screen printing on plastic

Screen Printing Cloth On Plastic Features:

1. Our polyester screen printing mesh for plastic printing has a special surface treatment that reduces costs and reduces environmental impact by reducing the use of cleaning processes and chemicals.

2. The SPRING new polyester screen printing mesh fabric with improved tension is particularly suitable for printing and fine printing on plastic products, as well as for the printing of precision line moments for film immersion. Support the printing plate in the long-term use, and ensure that the small details of the plate will not change.

3. The reinforced new SPRING polyester silk screen fabric has high strength and can withstand high tension. This makes it possible to reduce the non-contact distance for better dimensional stability and no scraper pressure accuracy printing.

4.SPRING Advanced Physical High elasticity polyester screen printing screen mesh has good tension stability to keep the minimum mesh distance during printing, extend the life of the printing plate, printing accuracy is effectively guaranteed.

5. After durability test, the stability of our mesh size and the printing precision after every 8,000 times are verified to meet the requirements of use.

Screen Printing Mesh for Plastic Printing Sizes :

64T,68T,72T,77T,90T,100T,110T, 120T, 130T,140T,150T,165T.

screen printing screen mesh on plastic

screen printing materials for plastic

better screen printing on plastic

white mesh fabric for plastic printing

Screen Printing Materials for Plastic Application:
Plastic bags
Packing bags
Plastic Chair
Plastic cups
McDonald's KFC drink lid
Mineral water bottles
Mobile protection shell
Plastic water basin, bucket
Toothbrush handle
Plastic paper basket
Plastic Housing for household appliances.


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