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75 Micron Nylon Mesh Fabric Filter Screening Material Supplier

Shanghai SPRING is specializing in the production of filters and screening of nylon filter cloth, nylon mesh preparation precision, mesh evenly, hole distance accurate, food-grade raw materials by weaving, good stability, abrasion resistance, impact, can withstand 130 ℃ working temperature, with good acid resistance, alkali resistance, and antioxidant, excellent solvent, nylon mesh fabric aperture range from 1 micron up to 5000 micron.Nylon filter screen mesh cloth width from 1 meters to 3.7 meters. Widely used in: liquid filtration, solid-liquid separation, water treatment, milk filtration, coffee filtration, juice drink filtration, metallurgical industry pre-filtration, automatic industrial oil removal, chemical industry coarse filtration, paper mill water recycling treatment.

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Nylon Mesh Fabric Filter Screening Material Application Field:

Liquid filtration, solid-liquid separation

Filtration of raw water in water treatment industry

Milk filtration, coffee filtration

Pre-filtration of metallurgical industry

Automatic industrial oil removal, paint industry cooling filtration

Juice Drink Filtration

Edible Grease Filtration

Oil removal in the automotive industry

Coolant filtration in the paint industry

Filtration of cold cutting liquid in mechanical manufacturing industry

Coarse filtration of Chemical industry

Circulating water filtration in papermaking industry

We provide precision filter fabrics for liquid filtration, separation and sifting, with special-made processing machines and equipment, SPRING is capable of heat-slitting mesh into mesh ribbons without fraying edges.

Nylon Mesh Fabric Filter Screening Material Description:
Material: 100% nylon
Weaving: Plain weave
Mesh Count: 4T~140T mesh/cm(10mesh~355mesh/inch)
Max. width: 370cm (146inch)