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Factory Price ISO Certificated  Screen Printing Nylon Mesh 110T  White Color

Shanghai SPRING specializes in the production of Screen Printing Nylon Mesh. The mesh number of nylon screen mesh is accurate, the processing precision is high, the nylon mesh fabric surface is free from defects, the nylon net fabric are even, and the standard wire diameters. Nylon printing mesh are widely used in industrial printing. Nylon screen material have excellent elasticity and good ink flowability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high toughness, and can be suitable for high abrasive ink applications such as ceramic inks. These characteristics make nylon printing nets the best choice for printing applications. Nylon net fabric are available in plain weave and twill weave. Our nylon screen printing mesh are complete in specifications and of high quality. Special specifications can be processed and customized.

Screen Printing Nylon Mesh Features:
High toughness
Good elasticity
Very good ink flow properties
Corrosion and wear resistance
Oil and water resistant
High temperature and weather resistance
Good insulation
Low coefficient of lubrication

Screen Printing Nylon Mesh

nylon screen mesh

Nylon printing mesh

Nylon clothing printing Uses:

Nylon mesh widely used in screen printing and industrial filtration. Nylon screen printing screens is applied to ceramic printing, glass printing, ceramic decal printing is very suitable. The elasticity of the nylon screen printing fabric is good, which makes the printing effect very good. Even on the most difficult surface, the printed pattern is still bright and colorful.

Screen printing on nylon fabric specifications:

Nylon mesh specifications are mesh number, wire diameter, aperture, width, etc. Nylon printing mesh is used for the printing of the main specifications are 120 mesh - 350 mesh, wire diameter and mesh have corresponding ratio parameters The smaller the hole diameter, the smaller the diameter of the wire.