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200 Micron Paint Filter Mesh Factory Price,High-performance paint filter mesh, which removes dirt, dust, particles, lumps or any debris that may affect painting work by filtering;The paint filter cloth is suitable for all kinds of paint filtration, because the open pore range of this nylon filter is from 33 microns to 1950 microns, suitable for all types of solvent or water paint, stains, varnishes, latex and other liquids.Nylon filtration mesh are ideal for automotive coatings such as primers, sealants, clear coatings, and single-level finishes. Also ideal for families, DIY enthusiasts, amateur filter hobbies, art and craft coatings.The world's leading nylon filter fabric manufacturing technology, using high quality and durable nylon PA66 raw materials, no off wire, lint-free, fast flow, solvent resistance, resistance to grease, chemical additives, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.The use of this paint filter material can remove any type of impurities in solvents and waterborne coatings. The mesh paint is characterized by a food grade PA66 nylon mesh with uniform mesh, and even high viscosity materials can be filtered.

200 Micron Paint Filter Mesh Factory Price

Mesh paint strainer Features:

Food grade nylon screen mesh
For solvent and waterborne coatings
110-120 mesh nylon mesh is used for heavy adhesives.
Paint strainer mesh
Nylon mesh strainer Description:
1. 200 mesh nylon paint filter.
2. Made of nylon PA66, the mesh is not easy to deform after gravity.
3. Applicable to automotive paint lacquer wood furniture machinery.
4. Nylon filter cloth aperture range 33um-1950um.
5. Nylon monofilament mesh is easy to clean and durable.

Mesh paint strainer

200 micron mesh filter scope of application:

Organic coatings, inorganic coatings, solvent-based coatings, solvent-free coatings, water-based coatings, powder coatings, high-solids coatings and high-pigment coatings;
Enamel paint, paint, varnish, blend paint, primer, topcoat and intermediate paint.

Paint strainer mesh sizes:


Type:100 Mesh

Material:Nylon screen

Opening Diameter:150um