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Filter sock introduction:

Material: nylon mesh/hemp/cotton

Bag mouth Design: Galvanized steel rim, stainless ring (SUS304), Plastic ring (PE/PP)


Good corrosion resistance, high toughness, good elasticity, affordable, high cost performance, good insulation, low lubrication coefficient, long service cycle.

Filt Net Bag Process: 

Using the most tightly stitched double stitch to ensure that each filter bag can achieve the best filtration protection, the bag mouth can choose stainless steel ring, plastic ring, galvanized rims. 

50 micron nylon screen mesh filter sock
Nylon Filter Bag Details:
This bag is built from premium quality nylon and can be used endlessly.
It is great for soaking and keeping everything inside during use and is great for hanging.
Great for a downright flow of liquids into containers while straining.
Industrial filter bags

Filtration Bag Use Range: 

Food and beverage, vitamin extract, filter and filtration in beer, recovery of expensive active raw materials, advanced UV coating, high viscosity coatings, PCB resin, advanced lubricants, automotive coatings and coating lines, gel filtrate, extraction of activated carbon in the filtrate, etc.


mesh bags for sale

Industrial filter bags Features:
1. Premium quality Food Grade nylon BPA Free with double reinforced stitching
2. Multi-Function- Making nut and seed milks, juicing, sprouting, brewing coffee and tea
3. Easily rinse to clean and quickly dry with drawstring
4. Perfect size mesh only lets the milk & nutrients through, ensuring smooth & delicious nut milks
5. Use for making nut milk, raw ‘cheeses’, seed milk, rice milk or juices

6.Nut milk bag sizes approx. 12" x 9" wide for the standard doubled layered and 13" x 13" for longer single standard.

Nylon Filter Bag

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