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Polyamide air conditioner filter cloth in the use of a period of time, the air conditioner filter cloth will accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, produce a large number of bacteria, viruses. These harmful substances circulate in the room with the air, pollute the air, spread the disease, and seriously endanger human health. and dirt will reduce the refrigeration efficiency of air-conditioning, increase energy consumption, shorten the service life of air-conditioning. Therefore, the air conditioner filter material in the use of a period of time or the seasonal downtime, must be cleaned.

This will ensure that you have a healthy, clean air environment.

1. First, according to the instructions to remove the dust filter, the demolition of the attention of the interior unit to avoid the metal parts, to prevent its scratching.

2. After removing the air filter net, lightly pats the bomb or uses the electric cleaner dust removal.

If the dust screen dust too much, you can rinse with water or soft brush dip neutral detergent cleaning, but the water temperature should not be more than 50 ℃, can not use detergent, detergent, gasoline, banana water, etc., lest the dust mesh deformation.

In addition, do not use sponge cleaning, otherwise it will damage the dust screen surface.

3.Rinse clean with water, dry with a soft cloth or put in a cool place to dry, do not in the sun exposure or in the furnace and other open flame drying, lest the dust mesh deformation.

4. Clean the panel, with a soft cloth dipped in warm water or neutral detergent gently wipe, and then dry with a soft cloth dry.

Air conditioning filter mainly used in indoor wall-mounted air-conditioning, vertical air-conditioning, central air-conditioning and other models.